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House Democrats Vote to Send Impeachment Articles to Senate for Trial, Appoint Impeachment Managers
by Causes
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  • Theodoris
    Voted Support

    I am sorry to tell you, that you are responsible for Trump being there... If you create rules for the postulates he will never become president. These rules, should be as fallow: 1. rule no. 1. Every postulate should have a master degree in politics and economy,,, or something similar... 2. rule number 2. they should have a resume that should say what they have done for this humanity.. that indicates that they have work as a Volunteer for poor people or children etc. 3. rule number 3. They should have an examination for a psychiatry to make sure that the person is not a mental retarded, ( neither a mentally sick like Trump) . That the person is intelligent and capable of carries such responsibility. 4. rule number 4. What is their plan... he or she have for this country? 5. rule number 5. What do they think of war? 6. rule number 6. Are this person willing to have relations with the extra terrestrials? or you ignore them, or think that they do not exist? 7. rule number 7. What kin of medical insurance do you think the poor should have? This is just an example of what should be done....


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