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Federal Watchdog Finds Trump Administration Violated Law by Withholding Ukraine Aid
by Axios
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  • Karen
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    These findings confirm and support why Donald Trump was impeached and the need to have him convicted and removed from office. He has broken the law and Impeachment and Removal is the mechanism to hold him accountable for his illegal actions and abuse of power. The Senate MUST conduct a trial which includes all relevant witnesses and documents, so that the American People can determine for themselves whether or not the president is guilty of the charges in the articles of Impeachment (indictments). Although Impeachment and Conviction is a political process the Senate trial cannot be conducted as a political and partisan circus. Each Senator will be sworn in to conduct themselves as IMPARTIAL jurors and we will all be watching. Anything less than a fair and full trial with all testimonies of relevant witnesses and documents shown will be viewed as a violation of constitutional duty and a betrayal of the American People and our democracy!

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