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The DC: 📤 House sends impeachment articles to Senate, and... Do you support a probe into whether Yovanovitch was stalked in Ukraine?
by Causes
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  • Glowurm

    Bevysue, I have known for over 60 years that multiple pens are used in signing. What an absolute idiot to question this. Boy, they are grabbing at straws when this is something they consider outrageous. Too bad they cannot see how outrageous and guilty the Pig is and support the upcoming trial. AND GET IT THROUGH YOUR PEA BRAINS, REPUGNANTS, THE PIG HAS BEEN IMPEACHED. THIS TRIAL DOES NOTHING TO CHANGE THAT. INSTEAD, THIS TRIAL WILL PROVE TO US WHICH SENATORS ARE HONORABLE AND WHICH SENATORS ARE TRAITORS TO OUR COUNTRY AND CONSTITUTION. PERIOD.

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