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The DC: 📤 House sends impeachment articles to Senate, and... Do you support a probe into whether Yovanovitch was stalked in Ukraine?
by Causes
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  • Christopher

    Here are some real news facts for those who get their fake news facts from MSM comedic CLOWNS propagandizing their seditious pseudo-intellectual crap intended to pervert the American Mindset. These mass media whores need to be taken down! Just look at Pelosi who is suffering from alcoholic dementia so clearly mentally ill and unstable. The Congress and America is being held hostage to her psychiatric condition. The bogus demonicratic House Impeachment fraud is a psycho-political scam for which no respect is due what-so-ever. Pelosi's 'acting out' is simply a dramatization of her own terminal madness. The House demonicratic majority covertly instigates war through its [DS] seditious back channels and then it acts to limit the President's response to these instigations? What is the definition of Treason? The House demonicratic majority is clearly the very enemy within of the current administration and should be dealt with such as it is. With the U.S. Southern Border as a demonicratic sieve for gun, drug, human and terrorist trafficking as a given - it can only be speculated what is coming and going across the U.S. Southern border and whose criminal vested interests this 'open border' situation serves; one that's been kept wide open with no accountability for obvious reasons. It all spells Treason in a nutshell. How clear does clear have to be to be clear enough for the people to clearly see what is happening here?

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