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House Democrats Vote to Send Impeachment Articles to Senate for Trial, Appoint Impeachment Managers
by Causes
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  • Raymond
    Voted Oppose

    A disgraceful, political stunt designed and orchestrated to stigmatize an innocent man in a rather diabolical partisan political ploy to garner votes for their democrat candidate in the upcoming presidential election. Real sad theatrics by Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler. Enough with the drama and get on with real work for the people. First order of business in the Senate, motion to dismiss the “Obstruction of Congress” charge - constitutionally invalid impeachable offense. “Abuse of Power”, too broad and falls in the category of “maladministration” that was specifically argued against by the Founding Fathers as an impeachable offense - dismiss. Impeachment was not intended to be used as a purely partisan political tool to remove a duly elected government official. This is not a parliamentary government like England where a vote of no confidence can remove an official. We are a constitutional republic. That’s the function of our election process.

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