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Text Messages Show Giuliani Associate Discussing How to Stalk ‘That B****’ Yovanovitch - Would You Support a Probe?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Sean
    Voted No

    Haha is this the next breaking news story that proves Trump is a threat to humankind? It sounds like you’re always setting up your next excuse when you realize your current scheme is a failure.The next terrorist incident is going to automatically be Trumps fault somehow. Just like the Ukrainian jetY’all got quite when Trump stood up for the protesters. Guess you didn’t want to agree with him, he’s so divisive and mean. You’re obsession over him is appalling. Who’s to say these texts are even real? Just like the “bombshell” note that was left behind. Literally anyone could’ve written that and claimed to find it. Are y’all that gullible? Trump wanted Biden investigated for his past actions, not his current and not into any 2020 “dirt.” Biden is doing a well enough job digging his own hole, he doesn’t need Trumps help. Your claim for Election interference is mute. You’re making this about the election. Not us.

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