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Soleimani Killing: Trump Says Imminent Threat ‘Doesn’t Matter’ – Do You Agree?
by U.S.-Iran Hostilities
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  • Glenn
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    Only those pro-Iranian regime politicians, like Sec. John Kerry, and Progressive pundits who believe that the Obama-era 'Iran Deal' can be resurrected once Trump is out of office, are not with President Trump on taking out the renowned terrorist Soleimani with a drone strike. Soleimani has been designated as a terrorist leader since the Obama Administration named him as such. Who in their right mind would be supportive of this evil terrorist leader? Perhaps someone with Trump Derangement Syndrome? Like those people who despise President Trump more than they support the United States of America in the attempt to end the evil regime who has prodded their useful idiot population to chant "Death to America and death to Israel". They teach their children to hate 'the infidels' in the Judeo-Christian world of the west. This even stems back to the days when Iran was heavily influenced by the German Nazis who used Iran (translated from 'Arian') for its fuel supplies for the WWII war effort. The Iranian people have been used by Nazis and by the Islamicists over the past Century to give energy to hate groups and proponents of terrorism against the 'Infidels of the West'. It continues to this day, supported by anti-Semitic leaders of the world who deny Israel's right to exist. History has shown that socialist and communist dictators alike would like to have the Jewish people exterminated. Why? Because the Jewish people are so strongly rooted in their faith that they cannot be made to give up their religious beliefs. The Mohammedan religion, founded almost a century after Christianity began, broke away from the Judeo-Christian religion because Mohammed believed that the Christians and the Jews had 'corrupted' their common religion. And their followers have been destined by their God to 'wander' for more than a millennium 'in the desert' like the fate of the Hebrews that returned from Egypt to Israel, for several generations, due to their failure to keep their Old Testament beliefs in their God. Who is it that will kill their 'enemies' for being 'infidels'? Not the people of Israel. It is those people who will kill 'non-believers' who dare to tell them that they are on the wrong path to worshipping God. Talk about the height of intolerance... Soleimani was placed on a list of targeted terrorists in mid-2019 by the Trump Administration. Just ask John Bolton. When CIA intelligence found that Soleimani was planning to use Iran-sponsored militia groups to target U.S. Embassy personnel, who were on "American soil" and he made the flagrant mistake of arriving in Baghdad, Iraq, where he was a "fair target" for drone attack, he crossed the 'red line' and was taken out in Iraq. Not in Iran, where the war powers agreement with Iraq was in effect. Only those Anti-Trump people of the world were upset with his demise. Mainly because the resurrection of the Obama-era Iran Deal was in jeopardy. Those working secretly behind the scenes to assure the Iran Regime to wait out President Trumps term in Office were embarrassed by the attack on Soleimani. That's what they get for going the back-channel route to foster Iranian regime resistance...just another extension of the #RESIST movement. That movement has become increasingly seen by the American People as un-American, pro-impeachment, and now pro-Iranian Regime. Some would say that the impeachment Democrats and appeasement Democrats have over played their hand. But their T.D.S. affliction has blinded them to that reality. And now they are 'left holding the bag' of resistance to the American government who has gotten it right up to this point. President Trump is correct in saying that intent doesn't matter because, although Soleimani had bad intent, according to intelligence, he has been on the target list for many months and earned his position there for many years. Trump does not to release information on sources and methods in order to prove to his detractors that the decision was correct. And after all, he just approved that decision...he might have been blamed for 'inaction' had the attacks on American Embassies taken place. History will tell if the decision was right or wrong. It is not up to his detractors...a bunch of "Monday morning quarterbacks" who continue to lose face in the eyes of the American People. I would tell them to get on the 'Trump Train', but if you give the detractors enough rope...what then will increase Trump's popularity in this election year? The booming economy?

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