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On a Woman’s Electability & Iran: Key Quotes From January’s Democratic Debate
by Causes
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  • TheKdd
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    This debate was hideous. It was a failed attempt to, as always, kneecap Sanders. The story was planted to CNN over the weekend by “anonymous sources say...” in a meeting of no one but them. How on earth would “anonymous sources” know anything? 3 stories were planted by the Warren camp this weekend, coming on the heels of hiring long time Bernie smear expert Tom Watson. (See his twitter.) It’s very disappointing. She lost my vote for sure with these dirty games. She even gave Trump fodder for his rally. And... as a woman, I’m rather offended when someone uses our movement to weaponize dirty politics. Win on your policy. It’s this nonsense that sets our movement back. In regards to Warren saying she hasn’t lost to a Republican in 30 years... and Klobuchar not ever losing... so? Most don’t lose until they lose. Sanders didn’t lose until last primary, dnc meddling and all. Secondly, Warren didn’t lose to a Republican in 30 years. Well no she didn’t, but she WAS a Republican for 6 of those 30. So she beat herself? The media is praising her, that’s nice, I thought it was a mess. Sanders beat his state 30 years ago and Warren had to hand count on stage, only to realize it falls in the 30? As far as “working class” and problems she mentioned mothers, women and trans women. She obviously had an agenda tonight, and what about trans men? They have the same problems. Klobuchar did ok, albeit boring and STOP TALKING. Pete certainly does have an African American problem, and rightly so if you look up his record in South Bend and his posting on social media of false photos of African Americans to show support, I won’t get into it here. Biden is just out of touch and doesn’t even seem to be there. His African American support via polling is mostly the over 50 crowd. Inslee is a billionaire polling low so really he is a non player, but it’s nice to get issues out there. I’ll stop now, except to say what was the deal with Pete in particular, but also Biden and Inslee saying “brown and black people” over and over? 1. They’re Americans. 2. African Americans and Hispanic? Oh one more thing. What I fail to see is how so many don’t see that every corporate news, corporate media, televised and written have been against a certain candidate for years. One that hasn’t taken corporate money. From CNN, MSNBC, FOX, online mass media etc. Why do you suppose that is? Corporations are not your friend (and aren’t “people.” They exist to make money and have bought our candidates and made our laws now for decades. They have an agenda and we aren’t it. It’s time that comes to an end.

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