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Soleimani Killing: Trump Says Imminent Threat ‘Doesn’t Matter’ – Do You Agree?
by U.S.-Iran Hostilities
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  • Dave
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    We are not stooping to the level of a third world country, are we? First of all we are in Iraq on false pretense, WMD and military action for oil. If we are going to become mercenaries, we need to get out of Iraq and the Middle East, all together, sense Trump is now charging the Saudi for your military, not sure who getting the money? We are not for higher! His Attitude is he could shoot somebody in New York and get away with it or any other place. Killing world leaders or second in command has not fix the problems in the past and it not going to start now. He, his family and his administration plus Americans, may not want travel out side the US, he has made America less safe around the world! I am thinking other countries may be feeling the same about us. Trump said it doesn’t matter what the reason was. I know the people on the Ukraine airplane that got shoot down and the family of those, it did matter!

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