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Soleimani Killing: Trump Says Imminent Threat ‘Doesn’t Matter’ – Do You Agree?
by U.S.-Iran Hostilities
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  • KansasTamale
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    The US is supposed to be a leader in this world. A leader DOES NOT MURDER AN OFFICIAL OF ANOTHER COUNTRY IN THAT COUNTRY. Trump is just lying again and gas lighting to cover from the Impeachment. He is the anthesis of a Hitler BEFORE HE GOT THE LAZY GERMANS WHO FOLLOWED HIM WITHOUT ANY QUESTION OF THE CRUELNESS AND HORRIBLE WAY HE TREATED PEOPLE. People need to wake up. We are already following in the Nazi footsteps and within a hair’s breadth of WWIII because of Trump MURDERING AN IRANIAN OFFICIAL. Eminent Threat is the only reason for any kind of attack and that has to go thru CONGRESS.

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