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Trump Suggests Senate Shouldn’t Hold Impeachment Trial – Do You Agree?
by Axios
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  • Dominique
    Voted Yes

    President Trump did not commit any crimes, this is another sham like the Russia collusion, Mueller investigation & all the other made up lies & distractions that the democrats have come up with to remove our President. It is such a sad time in America when the democrats hate for President Trump is greater than their love for America. The country can see through all the lies and resistance the democrats have on every move Trump makes. This will hurt the democrats in the 2020 election. There are millions of Americans that did vote for or like Obama as president for 8 long years, however, they did not organize and rise up in vengeance & violent nature against him. I believe God always win & he will prevail for the 2020 election despite the voter fraud. We are not sheep & we can think for ourselves...Trump 2020 for a better & safer America !

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