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Appeals Court Rules Trump Can Use $3.6 Billion in Military Funds for Border Wall
by Axios
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  • J.Maurice
    Voted No

    The first thing that President Trump should have done is build relations around the nation every city county also he should have strengthen the housing crisis of homeless and priced out, President Trump should be doing more as appropriations committee and such should be taking the $3.8 billion and solving this issue of homelessness in modern history in every state it’s not just a California thing not a California thing they send them here to California and that’s why we have such correction Mr. President Trump this has happened since Reagan.As well as the mental health and housing for veterans has been taken away during that time. And Bush era. Know your history of fact. Federal government is obligated to doing more and protection rights for persons who are disabled elderly homebound as well making disability person’s first priority for housing instead they’re getting priced out kicked out an elderly as well on the streets and Fitts what are you gonna do Mr. President. Do something Congress do something at your diligence to do such to protect people in their homesAnd to put people in safe homes safe areas and and and firemen that is protected.


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