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Pelosi Says House Will Send Trump Impeachment Articles to the Senate Wednesday
by Axios
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  • jimK
    Voted Happy

    Exceptional! It has allowed some time for the gravity of the upcoming trial to really sink in with the electorate and at least a few of the trumpublican Senators. It has brought about new revelations and even brought forward Bolton as a willing witness. I personally, would have held out longer, since the intentions of McConnell to not allow a trial where he "cannot control the results" are increasingly being laid bare. trump has of course, continued his inept governance using the rope made available to him during the delay- as he will continue to do since he is really very stupid. Hopefully, the increased pressure from the electorate and heightened visibility of trumpublican leadership to hold a sham of a trial will help a few trumpublican Senators remember their oath's of office and patriotic duties in order to re-grow their conscience and at least, get pertinent facts and first-hand witness testimony into the trial process. This is very serious stuff and is not a task that the Senate leadership should treat dismissively nor conduct as quickly as possible to just get this over with. Good Job, Nancy! Isn't it getting close to the time that the Supreme Court should release trump's tax returns? Oh my, what will that reveal and how will it effect trumpublican Senator voting?

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