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Mueller witness George Nader pleads guilty to child sex crime charges
by Axios
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  • Livia

    The left Democrats to hate the wall, they don’t wanna walk, they don’t want to change the horrible immigration system we have in this country, and this is the reason why, they like drugs coming into our country, they like sex traffickers coming into our country, these politicians these Democrats have been in for decades and they have done nothing to protect our country. And they want illegal immigrants coming into our country living off of our welfare system, getting healthcare for free, giving them drivers license when they don’t even have a car or his Social Security number. Because they want their fault it’s the only way they can either get in the White House. The Democratic Party is not for America. And their past proves it , and what they have done for three years proves it. They care more about illegal immigrants than they do American kids. They don’t give a damn about our military, like I heard Nancy Pelosi say, the president didn’t give Ukraine the money fast enough and their soldiers were fighting Russia. She doesn’t give a shit about the American soldier. What Nancy Pelosi has done in the Democratic Party, has made people angry. They care more about Iran than they do about America or American soldiers, and because of this I despise them. It’s the loser democratic party. We have a president Who cares about America and he has shown it in the past three years in spite of everything the Democrats have Done to him he keeps on working for America. And we will vote him again in 2020.


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