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Pentagon Chief Says He 'Didn’t See' Specific Evidence of Iranian Threats to 4 Embassies
by Axios
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  • Sharon
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    The problem is they have NO evidence, just like the weapons of mass destruction that justified the Iraq war. Colin Powell has said many times it is one of his biggest regrets to support Chaney and Bush’s lies. Trump and this administration lies so much that if he ever told the truth nobody would believe him. This country has needlessly crushed the lives of too many young men and women for their wars (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan). I for one want to see hard evidence that there was an imminent threat and that information would need to come from the U.K., Australia and other allies. I do not trust a single word from Trump, Pompeo, Pence or Esper. And I don’t trust Barr to let any of the intelligence service tell the truth. Pretty sad that Trump, his administration and the majority of republicans in the house and senate can no longer be trusted to tell the truth. They have destroyed the honor, reputation and moral standing of this country in the eyes of our allies and the majority of American citizens. Blind support from trump’s supporters is just that, blind to the truth.

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