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Pentagon Chief Says He 'Didn’t See' Specific Evidence of Iranian Threats to 4 Embassies
by Axios
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  • jimK
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    No one disagrees with the fact that Soleimani was a bad guy responsible for many brutal deaths. No one disagrees that Iran is behind much of the unrest in the Middle East. Most disagree with the strike that looked to be more of a political assassination of a high level Iranian official instead of a call to justice for his actions, and that it was done in an allies homeland. That is why trump scrambled to claim that their was immanent threat, because trump never bothered to consider the consequences to our security or that of Middle Eastern countries as a result of taking this action when, where and how it was done. The military obviously has had good intel on Soleimani’s whereabouts for many prior months and a strike against a militia known to have been engaged in criminal acts that took out Soleimani would have put the strike in the context of an attack on terrorists and their terrorist mastermind. No one is asking that critical classified information be leaked to anyone other than the intel committees in the Congress, which is a legal requirement. The problem is that the rationale changes daily, even hourly as trump’s story keeps changing. All anyone has asked for is that a coherent justification be provided and that our Congress is informed before the Israeli government or people that trump runs into in the hallways and golf courses at his resorts. Get real folks!

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