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Security Forces Deploy En Masse as Large-Scale Protests Roil Iran
by Axios
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  • J.Maurice
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    To all citizens and those a status solidarity against war, representatives no matter what party you belong to there is no party and God‘s kingdom and I’m seeing on this app and others that they call Iran other nations unrighteous and say we America are fully righteous than any other, this is not of the Bible this is not of the kingdom that Jesus has taught us he taught us peace and unity, we felt we fell eastWe found these test a recognition of peace keepers and earth keepers of our nation to do our diligence to not go to work or cause heat, all Kate should be abolished on all levels hate crimes in modern history condolence has overruled everyone, created a lot of madness between cities counties states, we need to stop this at the back and unite, having hate against someone who is different and a brown skin or yellow or red is very intense Constitutional very Christlike very very religious or righteous think about that next time you try to use something to show that you’re better than one or another person middle-class poor or what parrot let’s unite leader ship 2020 should be a piece of keeping truth trust in one another fellow man, you don’t see that within our military of interest or disbelief Of one another there always uplifting and never leaving one man or woman or child to be fine they’re always United and unity no color no race, nor orientation they’re always one. US one God forgive us with his grace upon all in our nation.


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