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Security Forces Deploy En Masse as Large-Scale Protests Roil Iran
by Axios
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    The situation is too complex and muddled. I support the publicized reasons for the protests: Increase in fuel prices Economic hardships Opposition to President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei Opposition to the Islamic Republic Opposition to Iranian involvement in regional conflicts Shoot-down of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 and attempted coverup I should think that the protesters would likely also include the internet blackout. Further, I support their stated goals: Social and economic stability Prosecution of corrupt government officials Removal of Ali Khamenei Regime change and removal of the Islamic Republic of Iran Nevertheless, I reserve my opinion on the leaders of these protests. As always, the energy and skill sets to coordinate protests is not the needed energy and skill sets needed to transform a government. Instead, patience, effort, and diplomacy are some of the things necessary.

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