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Do You Support Additional Sanctions Against Iran?
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  • Mary
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    Unfortunately you don't know how to be fair and balanced! Because of your points of view on EVERYTHING, it is NO surprise how unfair and unbalanced you are! You side with the enemy ever time! Anyone who Truly believes the contract with Iran was great and it didn't contribute to terrorism and help continue with nuclear weapons is brain dead. Anyone who thinks that continuing with sanctions is such a monstrous thing instead of bombs on a regime that continually wants death to America and has killed hundreds of Americans and maimed thousands more is brain dead. And anyone who thinks that this regime will ever stop wanting to make nuclear weapons or stop attacking or killing us like they have over 40 years is brain dead. Bringing this regime down to take away threats to us and the rest of the world and free the people of Iran is not a bad thing. Iran is not being poked! If anyone has ever been poked it has been the United States, for again over 40 years! You may not like the way President Trump talks or his unconventional way of doing things but it's a way that's pushed these dictators back on they're heals. If it only helps for a little while it's certainly better than the bad policies from your elite treasonist dumbacrates who only cowardly appease dictators instead of doing what's good to protect our country. Rather, they worry about saving they're own power grabbing butts and don't want to rock the boat. Fair and Balance should be the moto for all media outlets. Unfortunately it's not. Instead of telling the truth about these so called revered leaders, they unbelievably compare them to Elvis? Or Princess Diana? Seriously? Your unfair and unbalanced and unpatriotic so called media at MSNBC, like thrill up the leg Chris Mathews, mad dog big mouth Rachel Madow and the rest of the gang along with CNN are so pathetic. They feel so important to be paid attention to by the elite treasonist dumbacrates that they are just as treasonist themselves. You people really don't care about this country. Your mission is only to defeat a duly elected president. To continue with the coupdetat. On a president who has done more for this country in so many areas than any in 50 years. How scary it is to think this could happen in our country just because you don't like the person and because the one you voted for lost? And you people are all for it if it gets you what you want. Your continually being lead around like sheep. You are unfair and unbalanced, unpatriotic and most certainly brain dead.


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