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Appeals Court Rules Trump Can Use $3.6 Billion in Military Funds for Border Wall
by Axios
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  • RoadRunner7
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    Our military is depleted by the costs of the Middle East wars. Our Navy is working with many fewer ships than the 600 number we once had required with more sea details which keep service members at sea and away from their families without a reasonable length home base rotation. We are losing soldiers and sailors who are burned out because they are given repeated tours without replacements because there are none! Let’s give our military the respect they’ve earned and deserve by giving them clean and habitable housing, reasonable tours of duty while we’re at peace and give them the adequate pay which allows them to live with dignity. Why do so many have to use food stamps! A wall to keep immigrants out, if necessary, should not be built at the expense of our military and their families. Perhaps fines on the many companies that benefit from undocumented workers and fines on those companies that endanger and pollute the environment would solve several problems without shortchanging our National security’s largest defense - our military. Whoever decided to use the military to protect us from desperate and persecuted “immigrants” must have no interest in protecting our nation from the true nuclear powered enemies like North Korea, Russia or Iran who are bent on our annihilation not merely entering our work force! What has become of Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party? Have you all decided your loyalty is to Trump and to your reelection versus your service to your constituents? If the money continues to bleed from our military to build a wall which in many ways may be circumvented, what price will our military pay? What price will all Americans pay? Our National security is at stake. It’s in your hands. If this insanity continues, I for one will be sure each of my “representatives” is outed through the ballot box. Man up and use your vote for our real safety!


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