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Texas Becomes First State to Refuse Refugees - Should More States?
by Axios
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  • Tom
    Voted Yes

    “Refuse” refugees? Way to adhere to the globalist communist narrative! This country was created to he a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC NOT a DEMOCRACY! CONGRESS SET THE RULES FOR NATURALIZATION meaning and including ASSIMILATION! Any deviation is unconstitutional, unlawful and does more to support the failing of an ungodly empire than anything “good” they are trying to sell you! dont forget that EMPIRES WANT WAR which means EMPIRES CREATE REFUGEES SO INE COULD ARGUE WE ARE FORCED TO RECEIVE THEN BECAUSE WE DESTROYED THEIR COUNTRIES! But commie globalists already know this, the foolish useful idiot americans arent smart enough to understand consequences. Look at France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, ALL ONCE ALL WHITE COUNTRIES NOW DESTROYED! And you morons are worried about “not receiving refugees? MARK MY WORDS! YOU WILL REGRET YOUR POSITION WHEN THOSE GIVEN PROTECTION COME FOR YOUR STUFF SPECIAll rights and when the government gives you the finger and kicks you out of your home replacing you with those damn refugees that REALLY ARENT REFUGEES ANYWAY! BYE BYE AMERICA YOU FREAKIN MORONS!

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