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Role of Manufacturing in America’s Economy Declining in Recent Decades
by Causes
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  • Brian
    Voted Sad

    I'm sad about the continual decline in manufacturing, and all the false talk about it coming from this administration. Oil, gas, and coal are bad for the environment and should be allowed to die, but manufacturing is essential for both the economy and the health of the middle class. Manufacturing workers were the main component of the unions which secured fair labor standards for all Americans, and now we're watching this industry be decimated by the wealthy who rather make more money by shipping jobs to other countries than reward good employees with better pay and benefits. Not only have the wealthy ruined manufacturing with their greed, but the "Walmart mentality" has pushed jobs to China by constantly trying to sell cheaper and cheaper goods so that most Americans no longer value quality and do not care where something was made. I don't want to pay higher prices for most things, but I would prefer quality made in America products if they were available and comparable in prices. Every time someone rants against unions, complains about prices, or refuses to allow immigrants to work in American industries, they're forcing manufacturing jobs to go somewhere else. I really hope we can turn this around soon and make more goods in America soon.

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