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Appeals Court Rules Trump Can Use $3.6 Billion in Military Funds for Border Wall
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  • J.Maurice
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    So to all who read this and I hope I’m not misunderstanding or no mess well or anything. Mr. President Trump did you serve do you have an understanding that you have to protect the rights of the military as well, race orientation those who are immigrants that serve for a country and for our country alone, President Trump have you served, has any of your family your kids your grandkids if you have any that served willingly without question come back maimed has a mental disability, Have you protected them by an ordinance or article or amendment to extend housing for all military and disability person needing housing, this is what caused the hugest modern homeless issue ever because of these following mental, veterans who served gave their lives come back named come back home put on the streets being priced out, as well as her disability persons an elderly, I such a high The high rate of not having the income that was promised federal government should be taking care of those that are in need I can’t take care of themselves in the way of financial, because they’re disabled , Or they have mental or PTSD or other issues that come in life. You’re a ministration President Trump has failed considerably hugely on infrastructure or let alone given persons that need a job such as the veterans that served or military allow him to come back home and don’t get that particular job to have a livelihood, and they are put on the streets and their kids put on the street because I can’t afford the kids anymore.This is what happens in our little cities and towns townships and you turn a blind eye to the persons. As well as persons whom are from immigrants or immigrants who want to serve the country, and do their diligence to protect and serve and be a servant and have honor and oath and being a keeper both democracy.

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