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Texas Becomes First State to Refuse Refugees - Should More States?
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  • J.Maurice
    Voted No

    So think of this if something were to happen to the United States of America, on our homeland as he crimes increase religious war freedom of worship is under attack and discrimination of color or tone, do you really expect this president to unite our nation after all three years of this, President Trump has not sent his kids before he was president to going to war neither has he sent himself into war or joined the military, nor has he helpedOur veterans who came back from wars previous and passed tired let alone they do not get the help they need or housing 2020 they’re still not getting the help as the president promised nor has he solve issues of homeless that are veterans are mixed into this higher turnout of it due to her being priced out disabilities as the same people being made harmed in the name of the country not getting respect norGetting their rights as an American who fucked for Justice Phat for refugees to be on our soil, that came from ruthless dictator’s dictatorship who wanted freedom sanctuary so President Trump do you understand these things do you understand that our military is valuable to family friends cousins nieces nephews and none of you President Trump has served can understand coming back home being named Nora having a disability you won’t even fight for those, Service Mr. President changes everything if you want to send us into a war that will be endless, and that our men and women that serve and being servants of us, the United States keeping home and safe but they come back and get nothing from us they thrown out to the streets no mental health because it doesn’t exist in America because you did not implement, hate crimes against them for their differences or orientations you have caused.!!


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