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Appeals Court Rules Trump Can Use $3.6 Billion in Military Funds for Border Wall
by Axios
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  • DougMinks
    Voted Yes

    Yes they SHOULD use the money but yet shouldn't have to. It's the Democrats who forced the issue as they're liars about the whole thing. They want a wall when it's them who's in charge, and don't want Trump to be successful and they put stops everywhere and with everything he does. They wanted a wall and allocated money when they were in charge. It's sad to see them wanting others to rob us of our tax money and arrive here uninvited. If you want to enter my house, do it from the front door and don't sneak in the side window, and then step on a tack or nail or the broken glass you broke while entering uninvited and then DEMAND medical services for a tetanus shot, tell us to turn up the a/c, all while demanding better food and schooling to learn English. You see, we consider that robbery here. And if you enter my house that way, you can assume a few things: 1. I'll use my handy gun, which by the way Democrats so illogically want to take away, and take your ass out!🤬 You can't rob my house so freely and/or you can't rob my friends, and this Country IS OUR HOUSE! 2. You most likely won't be able to think straight, but what the Hell, you apparently don't as is MF'S. The Wall, electronic surveillance, tunnel location devices and the whole shabang should be attained. And not doing so IS a sign of not caring about your country, your friends, and ALLOWING us to KNOWINGLY be ripped off. We need to have people who are entering knowing English also having a needed let's say commodity and or have a skill needed. You see, it's Our tax dollars that put these people up for whatever it is, housing, food, medical, education, business loans, etc etc... And so it is Us(tax payer citizens), who ARE INVESTING INTO these new citizens AND WE WANT A GOOD RETURN ON OUR INVESTMENT!🤓 We KNOW for fact that one has a much better chance at getting a job. A job or profession, simply means they'll simply add to Our tax base, helping Our citizens at the same time with the needed assistance ,Our tax dollars, while supporting them without sending us into debt. We should first take care of Our current citizens, mandated by law. We ought to make them pay back the tax dollars used over time to better their lives, with interest at the level it rises or was given. We can assist them, welcome them. We need and absolutely want people to flourish and we do when productive people with ingenuity are amongst us, as HAS been PROVEN to be over time. Our strength IS the coming together of people all around the world making up The United States of America🇺🇸 I normally wouldn't be for allocating this from there kinda shit, but I AM. ONLY DUE TO THE DUMBOCRATS and what they've been doing. And that's not much for us citizens. And it is only due to hatred and discontent and not ANYTHING logical and/or effective. Stand up for your own or you won't have your own. Most Mexicans don't steal, rob, or murder, I get that. But we certainly DO need to run this country of ours effectively and keep the Government OUT OF OUR PERSONAL RIGHTS AND LIVES!! THAT IS WHY I CHOOSE TO BE A #LIBERTARIAN

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