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Trump Proposes Major Rollback to Bedrock Environmental Law – Do You Support the Change?
by Causes
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  • Colleen
    Voted Oppose

    CORPORATIONS have proved over and over and over again that they CANNOT be ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, unless the GOVERNMENT holds their POCKETBOOKS to the fire!! These bedrock environmental laws are in place to protect AIR, WATER, LAND, ANIMALS and US! And to those that think it’s okay for AGENT ORANGE and his ENVIRONMENTAL SUICIDE SQUAD to DEVASTATE our planet, there is NO PLAN B - this is the planet 🌎 we live on! TIME TO 86 - 45 with impeachment and removal so this country, it’s people and animals that live here can have a future! #ImpeachAndRemove #ProtectTheEnvironment #ProtectTheESA

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