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Trump Proposes Major Rollback to Bedrock Environmental Law – Do You Support the Change?
by Causes
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  • Tom
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    All you commie bastards that like government regs should go to COMMUNIST CHINA And if your desires to continue Lee reach in my pocket in the pocket of my fellow American taxpayers to find your socialist programs the only one I would support is the one that finds you getting out of this damn country before it goes completely to hell! The EPA is an abusive totalitarian eco-terrorism housing group that just happens to be funded by our tax dollars to destroy our freedom. And anyone that supports these totalitarian regulations should be ousted from office for a violation of their oath of office! The only thing that keeps these totalitarians in office is the ignorant people like those I’ve seen on this app that continues To support Marxism rather than Americanism and I believe in some countries people that are that subversive percent before a firing squad. Perhaps we should consider that, I know the communist would support it which is many of you here on this app and the sad part is you would use it as a political tool and silence reason unlawful applications of our constitution rather than using it to punish evil.


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