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Appeals Court Rules Trump Can Use $3.6 Billion in Military Funds for Border Wall
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  • Celiaann
    Voted No

    Donald John Trump is a bumm! A dressed up navy suit and red tie wearing bumm! His intentions and actions are cruel. History will NOT be kind to this administration and that library will be full of books that tell the stories. I think that everyone that falls over backwards lying for DJT should be made to spend time at that library reading those books. Why people in his corner spend their time bashing people who do not agree with him is nothing short of falling in line with a pied piper. That’s what he is...instead of playing a flute he is manufacturing lies everyday with a straight face. He has NO character. He has proved that “bilgly”! (Just like that word he makes it up as he goes along) and too narcissistic to be embarrassed for his stupidity. Bashing individuals for speaking out on the obvious lies of Donald John Trump leaves anyone with good sense to shake their head in wonderment what in the hell is in that Koolaid!! People can follow whomever they want but stupidity shows when you follow a damn fool!

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