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Trump Proposes Major Rollback to Bedrock Environmental Law – Do You Support the Change?
by Causes
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  • Dave
    Voted Oppose

    Democratic 👍👍👍👍👍 Republican 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Trump is number one for having 1) The most administration tied to Russia, 2) The most administration tied to Ukraine, 3) The most administration to be indicted, 4) The most administration to going to jail, 5) The most administration for money laundering, 6) The most administration that lies, 7) The most administration to miss use taxpayers money, 8) The most administration with bobble 9) The most administration to coverup, 10) The most administration with kick backs, 11) The most administration to have yes men. 12) The most administration to have white supremacy 13)The most administration to spread fake news, 14) the most administration to deregulate, 15)The most administration to leave the White House 16) The most lies by one president ever, 17) The only president to use disasters as a weapon for extortion on states, 18) the only president for nepotism in the White House, 19) the most to deregulate and row back environmental protection 20) the us of executive privilege to coverup, which by the way does not apply, sense the information is already out in the news 21) and welling to go to war to distract all of the above! Mitch McConnell is asking senate ( jury) to decide on the defendant’s guilty or innocence without hearing from witnesses or requesting any documentation, what a sham trail every criminal can ask for the Trump defense as a president. Every one would get off! Not allow witnesses, Video or documentation.

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