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Trump Proposes Major Rollback to Bedrock Environmental Law – Do You Support the Change?
by Causes
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  • Leslie
    Voted Oppose

    Trump claims the US has the cleanest air & water but this is because we have had NEPA for 50 years (signed into law by Nixon in 1970)! “President Trump on Thursday proposed fundamental changes to 50-year-old regulations in an effort to speed up new mines, pipelines and hundreds of other projects around the country, including some that could harm the environment and accelerate climate change. The move also could prevent communities from having much say about what gets built in their backyards.” “The changes would mean that communities would have less control over some projects built in their neighborhoods. Environmental groups, tribal activists and others have used the law to delay or block a slew of infrastructure, mining, logging and drilling projects since it was signed by President Richard Nixon in 1970.”

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