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The DC: House passes war powers resolution to curb Trump's actions against Iran, and... 💰 Should Trump be allowed to use military funds for the border wall?
by Causes
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  • Robert (steve)

    Every war we have been in since Vietnam and including Vietnam we’re all based on lies told to the American public. We need something that will bring better minds to the decision making. With the amount of money that we have spent in conflicts around the world we should have and we should be able to provide healthcare and education for everybody in this country. Money spent on a wall is ludicrous, the vast majority of illegal immigration flies into our country as opposed to walking across the border. The last numbers I have seen show that we have more Canadians live in illegally in our country then we do Mexicans. We need our representatives to focus on healthcare and education. When I look around I see a lot of ignorance in this country and those who are being devastated by healthcare cost.

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