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Iranian-Americans Report Being Detained & Questioned at U.S. Border - Do You Support Detaining Iranian-Americans?
by U.S.-Iran Hostilities
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  • Morgan
    Voted Oppose

    just.Dave said "Yes! What, are we going to allow terrorists into the US to target our cultural heritage sites?! We need to increase our security, especially since we have the treasonous left aiding and supporting radical Islamic extremism." for starters just because they are from Iran and we have tension with them right now does NOT make them terrorists! they are Americans they passed the US citizenship test or they were born in the US. they are entitled to all the rights and freedoms we have here and just because they were apart of Iran doesn't mean we can deny them their human rights. while i do agree we should up security a little bit doesn't mean interrogating them when they try to go home or come back home is right.


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