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Facebook to Ban ‘Deepfakes’ - How Good Are You at Spotting Them? Take This Quiz
by Causes
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    Deepfakes that are clearly labeled as fake, could be posted. BUT, Facebook has already shown that they commit un-do censorship, therefore, I worry that Facebook may arbitrarily delete posts that are NOT fake, to make it appear they are only removing deep fakes. Facebook has arbitrarily censored posts and comments, and entire accounts that are real and valid, due to bad algorithms or rules....I do not believe Facebook can correctly identify fakes, and, they give NO recourse for getting back one’s account, nor posts that Facebook removes....there must be a process in place, for users to retrieve their accounts, posts, etc., that are found to be real [not fake]. Facebook is a poor arbiter of what’s real, since their main goal is profiteering off of people’s data, and, vulnerable to whatever industry or person gives them money, to decide what’s real.


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