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House to Vote to Curtail Trump’s War Powers Against Iran – How Should Your Reps Vote?
by U.S.-Iran Hostilities
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  • Michael
    Voted Yes

    The War Powers Resolution (Act) of 1973 MUST be upheld and enforced regarding the President’s behavior toward Iran. The executive branch is put into constitutional check by the legislative branch by both the Constitution and this 47-year-old Resolution. Yet, since December 1941 there never has been a legally and properly declared war in America! How can this be? Neither the “Korean War” nor the “Vietnam War” nor any of the more recent U.S. military conflicts were executed with the constitutional declaration of Congress. It is the ongoing obligation of the office of the President to respect the legal authority of Congress in matters of war. President Trump MUST respect Congress. Congress, put him in check today regarding Iran!

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