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McConnell to Move Ahead on Senate Trial Rules Without Democrats – Do You Support His Decision?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Colleen
    Voted No

    WE, THE MAJORITY, WANT A FAIR TRIAL! Not the kind of bogus “Trial” Moscow Mitch and Dump want to have! The same Senatorial deadwood that was around when Clinton was impeached, and who, so vociferously argued about the taint on the Presidency, are now all onboard with a lopsided and unfair kangaroo court that will find 45 “innocent” of the charges outlined in the Articles of Impeachment. Nancy, Chuck and all Dem Senators, stick to your “guns” and demand a real trial with witnesses! BTW-if 45 is innocent why are all the Trumpers verklempt about having a real trial?

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