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Trump Announces New Sanctions on Iran, Backs Away From Further Military Action
by U.S.-Iran Hostilities
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  • Phillip
    Voted Sad

    I’m just happy that the Iranians are basing their actions on international law and common sense as our current administration is not. He has given them a road map to being untouchable by buddying up to NK and Kim. Between pompeo and the Saudi kingdom who are pulling his strings and an illiterate mouthpiece in trump I’m surprised they pulled it off. What I wait with baited breath for now is how they will explain the further occupation of iraq while the government wants us gone. I would expect it will become an even more dangerous place for troops and civilians to be sent from now on. I’m also waiting to see how many nations denounce our actions in the Hague and at the UN. Now we know why the gop wants to negate the UN. So they can get away with anything. We are actively witnessing the demise of American imperialism and our empire.

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