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Trump Announces New Sanctions on Iran, Backs Away From Further Military Action
by U.S.-Iran Hostilities
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    Trump started out by blaming the last administration for what’s happening in Iran. And for Obama allowing Iran to get their own money. Then he made up numbers and lied about how much more military might we have during his administration. I’d say it’s a typical trump response - lie about everything and pass the blame. Trump is a coward who refuses to take responsibility for pulling out of the Iran agreement and starting this chaos. Relations with Iran had improved under Obama. I think Trump wanted to erase everything Obama had improved and got himself in a situation he’s incapable of understanding. If the Senate cared about this country they’d vote trump out of office right now. It’s not like they have not been provided an easy out and they know he’s dangerous to world security. I don’t see what else we can do to Iran with sanctions since we’ve already crippled their economy. How would the US react under the sanctions we’ve placed upon Iran?

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