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Iran Attacks Two U.S. Air Bases in Iraq - How Should the U.S. Respond?
by Axios
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  • Allison

    This is a classic example of “wagging the dog” to draw attention away from the impending impeachment trial and John Bolton’s willingness to testify at the Senate trial. The US should do nothing in response. We had it coming. Thank God no US forces were killed in the attacks. The US has absolutely no business assassinating a foreign leader. That was the beginning of WWI and the Vietnam War. As history should have taught us by now, this does nothing to deescalate tensions, it only escalates them. I fully support any measures Congress can take to limit Trump’s authority to conduct military actions in the Middle East. He has zero concept of US foreign policy and diplomacy and will destabilize the region, and likely the world. The only winning move is not to play this game.

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