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McConnell to Move Ahead on Senate Trial Rules Without Democrats – Do You Support His Decision?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
32,435 actions taken this week
  • jimK
    Voted No

    Why are so many trumpublicans so opposed to a fair trial? Why did no trumpublican offer any defense for trump during the Impeachment proceedings? Why have the trumpublicans engaged in applying textbook disinformation science tactics to obfuscate the central issues of what trump did or did not do? From a geo-political perspective, trump has handed Putin win after win after win. Putin’s concerted efforts to disrupt western democracies with disinformation campaigns are well documented as are his efforts to swing electoral college voting in critical swing districts toward trump in 2016. Why has trumpublican leadership held back any legislation to thwart foreign election interference except McConnell’s farce of a bill to protect voting machines- which made a central point of not even attempting to stop remote electronic hacking- which is the only attack that actually makes any difference. Trump’s actions have disrupted our traditional alliances and trading partners, allowing Putin to take our place and negotiate world partnerships without us. Putin has gained significant influence over NATO allies, thus neutering the very reason for NATO’s existence. He has physically taken over resources from neighboring states. He has trump’s ear in private undocumented communications (which is actually illegal for the president to have), and we have seen an escalation of tensions with Iran- which directly benefits Moscow, particularly if military actions disrupt Iranian energy production. On a global score sheet he has consistently gained influence, partnerships, alliances and territory which have been directly supported by trump’s actions. Let’s not allow Putin another victory by permitting our leadership to conduct anything less than a full, fair and open trial. To do less, would just add another check mark in a Putin’s win column.

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