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Iran Attacks Two U.S. Air Bases in Iraq - How Should the U.S. Respond?
by Axios
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  • Linda

    Keep in mind that Mike Pompeo and Lindsey Graham are supporting this deranged president in his desire to escalate tensions with Iran when neither of them has faced combat during the military service they are credited with. Yet they seem unconcerned about the military personnel and families facing danger. All for political gain by Trump and the Republican Party? The Mid East requires sensitive diplomacy and the understanding of history not just chest thumping and grandstanding politicians. My husband’s coworker got a text yesterday-report to Fort Bragg. He expected to fill in for the deployed 82nd Airborne as usual. The next text told him he was being deployed to the Middle East. He has a wife and young kids. The people in charge must consider the true cost of their political ambitions. This is not a television drama. This does not make us safer.

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