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McConnell to Move Ahead on Senate Trial Rules Without Democrats – Do You Support His Decision?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Ga
    Voted Yes

    Absolutely. The left went ahead without conservative approval in the House and controlled every aspect of what, who could participate and went ahead with impeachment with only hearsay evidence and without a single conservative vote. The Senate is separate from the House and can proceed however it likes. The socialists are crying unfairness--well, they are only espousing this because that's what they did in the House. Personally, I'd rather the Senate just ignore the entire situation until Pelosi gives the Senate the impeachment documents because in my view there's no impeachment until the Senate receives the information. The Senate doesn't have to provide any information, or kowtow to the left, in how it will proceed once the documents are received and the House has no control whatsoever in how the Senate operates.

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