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Iran Attacks Two U.S. Air Bases in Iraq - How Should the U.S. Respond?
by Axios
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  • Colleen

    We’ve called. We’ve written. We’ve gone to Town Halls to urge, beg, bargain with our Congressional Reps to get this incompetent d-bag out of office! What’s it going to take to get this recalcitrant, stupid, unqualified, traitorous, greedy, war-monger that could cost our service men and women their lives OUT?!? Thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people could die! Our allies can’t rely on us. Our US diplomatic machine is broken! DO YOUR JOB CONGRESS! Take the war powers from this incompetent, sorry excuse for a president! Isn’t it enough he’s been impeached?!? Has proven over and over again that he is corrupt and rash. Americans don’t want WAR! We want a government that is not dysfunctional! This administration is not capable of making thoughtful, educated and logical decisions! The Pentagon is not capable of advising Trump and whoever’s left in the WH. And God help Trump if he’s cooked up this situation to deflect the focus from his Senate impeachment trial! Leaders in Congress-STAND UP AND SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

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