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Facebook to Ban ‘Deepfakes’ - How Good Are You at Spotting Them? Take This Quiz
by Causes
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  • burrkitty

    It would be better for everybody to just ditch Facebook all together. That shit is bad for you. A series of huge unregulated experiments with human guinea pigs. And this isn’t a conspiracy theory or trolling. Just download your photos, delete your Facebook/Insta/WhatsApp accounts, and let it go. I did it several years ago and have never regretted it at all. I was lucky. I bailed out after the photo ownership change in the TOS (because I actually read that shit before I agree to it) and so avoided the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the data breaches and the secret data deals with Netflix (who I also ditched following a shady TOS change). But that’s not even what makes Facebook particularly egregiously shady. Facebook's employees have demonstrated over and over a willingness to exploit their users in ways that demand remembering. In one such case, the company was called out in 2014 for running a study that manipulated unknowing participants' newsfeeds by showing either a disproportionate number of uplifting or depressing posts. The idea was to see if the content of the newsfeed could alter the moods of users. Essentially, Facebook was curious if it could make their users sad. So they did. That's some seriously shady stuff. But that's not all. The company was forced to apologize in April of 2017 for allegedly allowing advertisers to target the emotional states of children as young as 14. Facebook reportedly claimed it could identify when teenagers "need a confidence boost," thus suggesting they were primed for advertisers. If this sounds awful to you, that's because it is. Facebook has gotten caught multiple times intentionally manipulating users' emotions, and then later allegedly developed ways to target ads to users feeling down in the dumps. As you ponder whether or not to delete your account, it's worth considering at what point a tool crosses from the realm of useful to that of burden. Because whatever that point is, Facebook long ago passed it. Take it from someone who hasn't had a personal Facebook account in years: You're not missing anything important, and once you're free of Zuckerberg's clutches you'll wonder how you stuck it out for so long in the first place. Everyone chooses how to waste their life. Is Facebook really how you want to waste yours?

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