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Trump Administration Will Deport Mexican Asylum-Seekers to Guatemala - Do You Support the Procedure?
by Axios
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  • jimK
    Voted Oppose

    Why is this unhinged despot still in office? How many crimes against humanity are too much? How many world disruptive acts can we tolerate? How much infantile headline grabbing ego-driven stunts can we accept? The trumpublican Senate has enabled his increasing egregious acts with each and every abusive act they have allowed to him to take to the point that they would share the blowback when he is finally removed from office- so they try to pretend that he is not unhinged and a danger to the world. The blowback for letting him continue stumbling over international laws, treaties, alliances and world partnerships will assuredly be far greater as he is increasingly stumbling around in bigger and bigger, more and more consequential 'playgrounds'. There will be a price to pay for his actions in violating international and US laws regarding treatment if immigrants, handing the middle east over to the Russians, destroying NATO, disabling the UN, and forcing trading partners and allies into new relations with other countries which exclude us. His screwing around with the central bank is a threat to the world dominance of US currency- which has been a distinct US world economic advantage. The RNC and trumpublican leadership want to hold onto power so badly by covering up their complicity in enabling this tumpenstein monster, that they are willing to sacrifice our country's values, world standing and future. Their organized unity in reciting disinformation campaigns using disinformation science tactics is being swallowed up by the faithful. Surely there is still some glimmer of honor left in some of you trumpublican Senators. Rid our country of this monster, save our heritage, save our country, save our future while we still have a country and a future left to save.

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