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Democrats prep climate legislation in case of 2020 breakthrough
by Axios
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    Everyone is brainwashed about climate change. Not all scientists agree there's a problem. Gore is the one who started this mentality and he's become extremely wealthy because of it. Some of the left want to get rid of cows...I say get rid of all your pets and have them spaded. That will cut down on some of the problems as opposed to eliminating cows. Let's go back to glass products instead of plastic. Get rid of disposable diapers and go back to cloth. Start making products that last longer than 7-years. And for those advocating eliminating gas products stop the use of "private" planes--make congressional members, movie stars, billionaires, and executives travel by regular airlines that'll cut down on fuel pollution. Cut down on the hours bars and restaurants etc are open to eliminate electricity usage. Those are just a few, simple suggestions to those pushing climate change. And, it's good to remember that this isn't the first time there's been a global warming--it also happened many years ago when the earth was formed and glaciers melted. Everyone overreacts instead of using common sense. It's ridiculous.

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