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Graham Proposes Changing Senate Rules if Pelosi Doesn’t Send Articles of Impeachment – Would You Support a Change?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Karen
    Voted Oppose

    Absolutely NOT!!!!!!!!!!! Graham has his head so far up Trump’s behind he can see out of his mouth. His ol’ buddy McCain would sure enough be ashamed to see what a slimy boot licker Graham’s turned into. I’ve heard that from some polls, South Carolinians are disgusted with him, too. His behavior is more than disgraceful when it comes to the way he carries on about Trump - it’s downright suspicious. What’s Trump promising him if he doesn’t vote against him for Impeachment??? Looks mighty shady to me. You know what they say about lying with dogs who have fleas....... I bet Nancy Pelosi is a Licensed Exterminator for the DC Area, Not only for Congressional Members, but for Senators, too!! Lol!!!

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