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John Bolton Will Testify in Impeachment Trial if Senate Issues Subpoena – Do You Want to Hear From Him?
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  • Ian
    Voted Yes

    America needs John Bolton to testify at the Senate trial. His testimony will provide the Republicans the first hand account of events that they've claimed has made this impeachment a scam. As more and more FoIA requests get answered, providing us with documents the Whitehouse obstructed Congress from obtaining during their investigation, information about what happened will eventually be in front of the public. Do you want history to show that the 116th Congress refused to hear first hand information when offered and pardoned a President that was later found to have been fragrantly abusing his power? With all the scandals and accusations of fake news that have come with this presidency wouldn’t it best serve the people to hear from a staunch Republican, not a 'never Trumper', not a 'member of the deep state', what was going on? I ask you to come forward and advocate for the Senate to hear from John Bolton. I don't know what he has to say, but if he's got evidence to clear the President I'm just as interested as I would be if he proves Trump was guilty of crimes. This should be a bipartisan call for more information from all those in Congress.


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