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House to Vote to Curtail Trump’s War Powers Against Iran – How Should Your Reps Vote?
by U.S.-Iran Hostilities
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  • YogaSarah
    Voted Yes

    This man has lied about so many things, stated one policy and acted in direct breach of the policy, and put real people's lives on the line for imaginary self-promoting reasons. He doesn't know how to actually negotiate, nor is there any evidence that he attends to historical precedent or expertise. He has a history of doubling down when he is incorrect and caught at it, rather than showing any respect for ethical or legal structures. He has continuously stepped over the responsibilities of the Congress and the Courts when it suits him, and is in no way qualified to make decisions on behalf of the people in our military. He has not filled important positions in foreign service, which speaks to his inability to honor diplomacy, and he truly seems to think all choices are simply his to make without any consideration for the real people he is supposed to be serving. His actions, from cutting out of the multilateral, international nuclear agreement, to the way he publicly belittles and harrasses people of Muslim faith, are obvious signs that he must not be given the power to escalate this situation with Iran, Iraq and the entire Middle East any further. Congress is not just a braking mechanism -- it is a legislative body that ought to be discussing policy and putting together strategies based on facts and historical conditions. Clearly the Senate has been flattened by McConnell - denying procedure and process to President Obama, and continuing to herd the sheep into the pen in which they will suffocate. Doing whatever the Senate can do to limit this incendiary actor is the first priority of the day. People all over the world, including our allies, are gearing up to protect themselves against the collateral damage done by this irresponsible and aggressive occupant of the White House.

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