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Would You Support Targeting Iranian Cultural Sites?
by Causes
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  • Lynn
    Voted Oppose

    It is an outrage against all of western civilization to even consider damaging or destroying cultural sites in Iran, the seat of western civilization, from which we all descended. The mere mention of such an atrocity, which is already a violation of international law, confirms that the person in the White House has no business being there, has no knowledge, no wisdom, no innate humanity, and sees no value in anything but his fairy-tale idea of wealth. He must be stopped. You must do your sworn duty to your country. There was no threat from Iran while we had competent, experienced diplomats serving our country. Trump took them away, leaving America without any ability to maintain peace. Senators, any and all impending disasters will be on your heads. Representative Richmond, thank you for your reasoned approach to your work.

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