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Should You Be Allowed to Opt Out of Businesses Selling Your Personal Info?
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  • Patrick
    Voted Yes

    It is time to put paid to the fantasy that the internet is free and recognize that its main intent is to "manufacture" eyeballs to influence attitudes, purchase decisions, and politics. We all deserve a swift slap upside our collective heads for believing anything else. We ABSOLUTELY should be able to restrict the sale or redistribution of any of our online information upon request to our internet service provider and any search engine we use. I also think we need to be willing to recognize that ad revenues underpin "free" internet services, and that if we want access to them we need to be willing to pay for the services. I for one would be delighted to pay directly to Google or whomever to have access to wherever I want to go but with no visibility to anyone seeking to know where that was. I'm ready to pay for secure and "invisible" internet access on a subscription basis. If you aren't then you have to expect to be asked to "pay" in other ways--such as having your information, preferences, likes, dislikes, predilections and curiosities sold to the highest bidder


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